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about flunk

flunk is a London based media art group comprising artists, designers and software engineers whose work has been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica, ICC Tokyo, ICA, and ZKM. Flunk use software instruments to interrogate the syntax of digital culture, its ideology and its reality of deployment. Their works often draw upon systems embedded within media territories from archive and mass media to the exhibition environment.

This approach has led to a body of work, which engages with the foundational paradigms of the visual economy under the sway of new and emerging technologies. The transformation of the image narrative is made apparent in works such as Raiphage in which escalating metadata search processes produce a perpetual reconfiguration of the visual machine. The expanded screen of the urban environment is referenced in media surface, in which architecture as image ceases to have reciprocity with itself and is cloaked in the language of other media.

Peter Cornwell is director of the media research company BLIP. After education in art and computing science he worked on early computer graphics for television with The Moving Picture Company before joining Texas Instruments Inc. He specialised in integrated circuit design for parallel computing and developed applications in robotics, networking and high performance graphics systems, before heading European research for TI. Later he founded public US virtual reality company Division Inc., worked on simulation at NASA and produced VR products for architecture, pharmaceutical and aerospace companies. Between 1995 and 2003 he established the Visual Theory Group collaboration between Imperial College Computing Science and the Royal Academy of Art, London. www.cornwell.com

He has been professor of both computing science and media art; teaching at institutions such as Imperial College, London, the Royal Academy of Arts and the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and has been director of the Institute for Visual Media, ZKM, Germany. He has exhibited in major spaces such as the RA and ICA, London; Kiasma, Helsinki; ICC, Tokyo in the U.S. and ZKM, Germany

Kathrin Kur is an artist and designer working in electronic media and photography. She studied philosophy, visual arts and Critical theory at FU Berlin, Brighton University, Kansas City Art Institute and London University. Her interests are in computer assisted vision, remote imaging and film technology. From experience in film special effects, as well as production of animation for flagship LED installations at London company Streetvision, she has developed a hybrid practice and a body of work that includes video, computed and photographic works. Emerging interactive display technology and computer imagery generation techniques have produced opportunities of dynamic montage and image synthesis. Applied to existing image and sound archives, Kur is developing some of the first conceptual projects of algorithmic editing and recombination of data with Flunk. www.kathrinkur.com

Jim Thrower is a digital media artist, information designer and researcher working in both the commercial and media art fields. After postgraduate study at the Royal Academy Schools in London, he went on to develop a collaborative and multidisciplinary practice, which utilises a wide range of media. He is a member of the International Centre of Fine Art Research at the University of London and works at Central Saint Martins London. His creative and production work with BLIP has focused on developing content strategies to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving network of daylight compatible LED billboards and hybrid architectural media facades, working with clients such as Barclays Bank, Coca-Cola and Samsung.